The Canadian prairies have a tremendous history.  It is where our ancestors settled, put down roots and began a new life.  It was a challenging time and a harsh environment, with little infrastructure established to support the new frontier.  It was up to those first settlers to construct the agrarian society that would serve their families and future generations.  On the farm, storage facilities and shelter were required for people, livestock, equipment and crop yields.  Materials used for these buildings were a reflection of era, technology, style, available resources, and functional requirement.  Time, physical use and the elements place stress and wear on these materials, in a mighty attempt to break down and destroy.   When the utility function diminishes, material is often rendered useless.  In many cases however, a beauty and character are created and cannot be replicated.  The wear and stress tells a story about years of service in a past life.  Reclamation of these materials gives the opportunity to create new life with a new function.

We at Reborn Barns are committed to preservation and repurposing of building materials and celebrating their history.  We are constantly on the search for new products.  We source out any and all materials from decommissioned prairie structures that can serve a future purpose.  Much of our pieces are extremely rare, and always original, with a unique story to tell.  Products range from one off art pieces to decorative wall covering and art, to structural timbers.   We have a wide range of material available to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for something, we know where to find it.  If you have a vision you want brought to life, we know how to create it.